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At New Horizon Plastics, we are proud to say that we are one of the best plastic reprocessing companies in the UK with an annual output of 20,000 tonnes. Our mission is to increase our waste plastics recycling volume and making our positive contribution to the UK environment as a whole.

By 2020 we will reach an output capacity of 40,000 tonnes of clean plastics pellets feeding onto varies of industries in the UK as well as overseas, and they will be made from a range of post consumer sources like logistics, agricultures and commercial packaging.

We are constantly trying to improve our technology, annual summit with international experts on plastics recycling enables us to apply modern technology into our existing plant and facilities to improve our efficiency as well as output level.

The environmental benefits of recycling polythene in the UK are clear – it SAVES energy, SAVES water, SAVES raw material and SAVES carbon emissions. Plus, the waste material recovered may otherwise be land filled, burnt (which is illegal), or shipped thousands of miles to the Far East to a reprocessor only to be imported back to the UK afterwards – clocking up huge product miles and a massive carbon footprint.