New Horizon Plastics

The New Generation of Recycling

Your Action

Our duty

Our Planet

Ocean, land, air and space

We want to clean it all

Every day 155 tonne of Plastic Recycled

Our Mission

  • Planet

    We have only one planet, our mother Earth; we ought to take good care of her, for us for now; more importantly for our future generations to come.

  • Local Community

    With our processing plant, jobs are created within the local community to improve employment ratio and helping people to improve their living standards.

  • People

    We aim to help people from all sectors in Wales and United Kingdom, from aerospace industry to food manufacturing sector; from logistic centre to local farmers. Whoever has the need for plastic disposal, we are happy to assist.

  • Recycling Rubbish

    The duty of recycling falls on every single one of us’s shoulder and we are doing it to improve our living environment, also to make sure that our children can continue enjoying their lives for centuries to come.


We shall take the responsibility on to save our Earth in order to enjoy the life and nature it hosts for many centuries to come.

Recycling starts at one’s daily routine, trying to build the recycling habit in our lives and it will come as a second nature; soon everyone will be doing their bits to help and it will always add up.

Start from home and expanding it into your working and social life, in order to increase the percentage of our recycling materials.


Ecology 78%
Recycling 73%
Organic 92%
Nature 88%
Support 78%